The meeting of Myanmar Computer Industry Association (2013-2014) and adoption of guidelines on future work program

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Monday,18 Mar 2013

Myanmar Computer Industry Association meeting was held at Shwe War Tun Hotel, Bago at 10:00 am Sunday 24, February 2013 and the guidelines on future program were adapted. At the commencing of meeting the master of ceremony read out the agenda of the meeting and the chairman of the MCIA gave a speech, he explained the Vision and Mission of the MCIA for 2013-2014 and he went on to explain the difference of Long Term Mission and Short Term Mission. Then he cordially invited the EC members to participate in the discussion of the meeting. The secretary of MCIO discussed about the activities of the association and the EC members of the association took part in the discussion. The following resolutions were passed:-
(1) To publish the 2013-2014 MICT directory, and to include in the said directory, to send the member list by the concerned region and state association within 7 days from the meeting.
(2) As the executive committee was reelected, the concerning sub-committee were to be formed within two weeks.
(3) To e-mail the expenses to the members for study tours to the HKTDC International ICT Expo to be held in Singapore. To undertake by an EC-member for HKTDC International ICT Expo as delegation.
(4) As for the membership fees and annual fees the Ygn RCIA has paid (20%) to the MCIA, and the remaining association of region and state are to pay the said fees together with the annual report and the annual accounts. The association of region and state are keep office with office staff of MCIA.
(5) To carry on the survey work by taking the ASEAN standard the responsible persons form Call Canter.
(6) To make the uniform membership cart sample and to send then to the concerning region and state

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